Daniel Harding (graphic designer)

Aaron Shrimpton (filmmaker)

Lisa Horner (author/artist)

Vin Harrop (artist)

Lesley Cartwright (artist)

Mike Parker (pianist/poet)

Laura Whiting (architectural designer/researcher/historian)

Denise Gannon (textile artist)

Marc Newton (teacher of photography)

Richard Hawkins (producer and post production producer)

Warren Harper (curator)

Maz Murray (artist)

Luke Bligh (photographer)

Simon Hitchals (artist)

Emma Townsend (dancer/performer)

Chris Michael (artist)

Fanny Von Beaverhausen aka Ruth Hazel (artist)

Cat Rogers (illustrator)

George Bright (painter)

Roger Davis (painter)

Paul Dodd (painter)

Paul Rix-Clancy (artist/educator)

Phil Burdett (musician/writer)

Lu Williams (artist)

Maxine Newell (artist/illustrator)

Divya Pradhan (artist)

Carl Merry (storyteller)

Aden Hynes (sculptor)

Holly Firmin (writer/researcher)

Alfie Firmin (sound engineer/musician)

Rose Cleary (writer)

Steve Hearn (caricature artist)

Christopher Smith (filmmaker)

Lucy Stanbridge (graphic designer)

Ingrid Anderson (artist/educator)

James Quinn (artist)

Birgitta Kenyon (choral workshop leader)

Johnny Papercuts (paper artist)

Louise Ayre (illustrator)

Koren Lynch (chandler/artist)

Basildon Photos (photographer)

Ben Williams (writer)

Gavin Jones (artist/musician)

George Morl (Edvardo Shadalow) (artist)

Rachel Hopwood (theatre maker)

Izer (grafitti/stencil)

Anthony Marriage (artist)

Colin Payn (writer)

Reece Hughes (artist)

Dawn Knox (writer)

David O Neill (writer)

Sylak Ravenspine (design)

Daisy Howarth (artist)

Janet Howson (writer)

Ben Stewart (artist)

Dean Smith (artist/educator)

Laura Mauro ( Writing/Fiction)

Louis Cutts ( multi disciplinary graphic designer)

Jack Miller (film)

Joseph Brennan (architecture)

Andrew Baker (graphic design, photography, and screenwriting)

Daniel Roche (graphic design & illustration)

Lauren-May Rouse (illustration & concept art)

Mark Massey (photography & graphic design)

Rebecca Collins (painter)

Evie Maitland-Wood (artist)

Emma Hale (contemporary artist)

Nina Head ( dance and pysical activity)

Edmund Pollington (illustration)

Ash Frank (fine art)

Charlotte Hamilton (visuals arts and fashion)

Jonathan Evens (visuals arts, creative writing, arts journalism and curation)

Joanna Yates (mosaic)

Esther Frimpong ( art events, filmmaker, producer and content creator)

Sammy Oxford (community arts and heritage)

Joanna Hartle (combined arts maker and arts producing)

Christie Mossman (photography & writing)

Andrada-Larisa Buz (painting)

Toyin Okunuga (mental health and wellbeing)

Hannah Stacey (community creative and theatremaker)

Thomas Mason (theatre & applied theatre)

Emily (life model)

Kevin Wood (writer)

John Tyler (portrait photography)

Judith Annakie-Eriksen (ceramics)

Dan Thompson ( social artist and writer)

Michael Barrett (Graphic Design and Screen Printing)

Laurelle Michael (Photography and Concept Art)

Simon Hadassi (Graphic Design)

Erwin Tyson (art poems graff skate blade crafts clothing)

Charlie Stafford (public art, fine art, community art)

Eva Romanakova (classical, crossover vocalist)

Emma Oliver (art and craft)

Shaun C. Badham (artist)

J.R Hemingway (solo musician)

Ellis Mcleod (solo musician)

TIME (Therapy in Musical Expression) (music therapy)

Jacksons Warehouse (band)

Caged Arts (band)

Two Fried Eggs (band)

Rayowa (band)

Belinda Kempster and Fran Foote (folk duo)

The Rock Project (music lessons)

Hippie Joe Live and Unsigned (music organiser)

Heritage Groups/History

Basildon Heritage

Laindon & District Community Archive

Billericay Community Archive

Basildon Borough History Group


Directions-Bas (art project)

Art Clubbers (art organisation)

The Foundation for Essex Arts (art collection)

Things Made Public (art organisation)

Towngate Theatre (theatre)

Wat Tyler Country Park (country park/public art trail)

The Edge (bar/venue)

The Craft Shed (workshops)

Gateway 97.8fm (radio)

La Danse Fantastique (dance school)

Basildon Eastgate Art Gallery (art gallery)

The Fold: Billericay Arts Association (workshops/classes)

Southend Tech (Bas) (raspberry jam/workshops)

Routes Theatre Company (theatre)

The Creator Space (space to hire)

Barleylands Farm Park and Craft Village (multi use site)

Basildon Writers Group (literature)

Basildon Creative People and Places (creative programme)

The Underwater Studio (film studio)

Sculpture Studios (sculpture)

Gavin Thain / Dull Boy Pictures (film production)

The Singing Circle Essex Club (singing)

Tern Heads (creative employability & community platform)

Peter Patterson (painting/gallery)

Martin Wells (designer & maker)

Kieron Petty (architecture)

Jeremy Noles (performing arts, music, comedy & poetry)

Basildon Alliance for Social Enterprise Support CIC ( support services for social entrepreneurs)

Olu Ojuroye (Multimedia, 3D Projection mapping/Interactive Projection Artist)

Hollie Boyle (visuals arts)

Parrabola ( community theatre and arts)

Friends of the Index Friends of is for groups/orgs which though are not exclusively located in Basildon, they are interested in working with our members, cover the Basildon area in wider activity or hold the same ethos as the Index.

Essex Film Collective (Film Network)

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