Project Archive (2019 - 2023)

Bas-Art-Social (2019 - present) is a meet up with Index members and friends. It is an opportunity to meet fellow creatives, chat art, have a cuppa or a drink, and make friends along the way. The Socials tend to coincide on the same evenings with other local events happening, so after the socials we can attend and support other local creatives. To find out when our next social click


Bas-Art-Crits (2020) are a session which aims to be a safe supportive environment to share and receive constructive feedback on your creative practice, wether that’s an idea for a new work, a process, a piece of physical work or something completely different. Whatever stage you are at, this aims to be a safe space to share. To check out past crits click here.

Bas-Arts-Playlist (2019 - 2021) shares music which is special and memorable to its Index members and friends. For many of us, music echoes around us when we commute, work, think, read, or make. Bas-Arts-Playlist shares playlists created from Index members who also suggest another person (who is not on the index) to share a playlist. Every month a new set of playlist are released. You can listen to all playlists here

Bas-Film-Club (2020) is a film club, allowing members to suggest a movie which is available to watch online. The film club primarily focuses on BAME Filmmakers and Creatives. After we have watched the film, A group zoom video chat will follow, to facilitate discussion around each film. To check out previous film clubs, click here