TIME (Therapy In Musical Expression)

T.I.M.E. is founded on the belief that music is for everyone. We’re an Essex-based charity devoted to breaking down barriers and bringing people of all ages and abilities together to experiment, grow, and have fun through music. Our events are designed to be accessible and inclusive to disabled people, and those with mental health challenges and dementia. All are welcome, and no previous music knowledge is required.

We don’t believe in rules or limits — music is for anytime, anywhere, and anyone. Our ever-evolving collection of musical experiences includes therapeutic and sensory-based relaxation sessions, songwriting workshops, instrument tuition, and other forms of creative and physical expression. We’ve brought these fun, free-flowing creative experiences to educational institutions, care facilities, recovery and treatment centers, and more.

Our work is made possible through charitable contributions; donations are welcome and appreciated. T.I.M.E. is also supported through private music sessions that we offer as a separate service. Get in touch to book your session!

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Website: https://www.timemusiccharity.com/
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Donation Link: https://www.peoplesfundraising.com/wall/together-in-musical-expression

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