As a directory/network we understand that a key part to this project is communication, so over the years a few different modes of communicaiton have arisen. These are all optional and it is completely up to you to choose what works best for you.

Core Index Email Thread
This is an active email thread were more strategic decisions surrounding the index can be made, where the conversation is a bit more formal, but you as a member can have more decision making powers about what the index participates in. For example the 2020 AGM was organised by this group, who are also leading on current research for ASELA in 2021. If you would like to be involved, please email for more info.

DISCORD - Group Conversations
This discord group acts a bit like a group whatsapp but this app allows different strands, for example we have general, opps and project ideas. Its free and really easy to join and you can have the app on your computer or your mobile. To join the discord chat group click here:

Index Newsletter/Noticeboard
This is a monthly newsletter which you automatically sign up for when becoming a member. This newsletter shares creative local news, opps and Index activity. This information can also be found on the Noticeboard page on the website, so if you have anything you would like sharing, please do let us know by emailing and we can add your information to the noticeboard and newsletter. This newsletter goes out to all other members.

The Forum is an interactive whiteboard, where any index member can edit and write project ideas, comments, suggestions for future activity the Index can support. The forum will always remain open as an ongoing working doc, but the idea would be once we have a handful of ideas, we would come together to develop these ideas, and submit an Arts Council England funding application, to accomplish the project together. You can access the Forum HERE


In November 2020 Bas-Arts-Index turned 2 years old. During 2020 The Index slowed down on activity and took some time to reflect on what the index has done up to now and what it can do differently moving forward. Over the last 6 months more index members have come forward who wish to play a role in shapeing the collective together. This lead to hosting our first AGM where we discussed and voted on numerous key issues surrounding the Index. As the Index moves into a more democratic territory we aim to open up numerous strands of direct communication including the forum above, A group messenger platform called Discord and an open email thread for core index members, whom anyone can join.
If you would like to know more please email

Facebook - @bas.arts.index
Instagram - @basartsindex