Saturday 13th February 
4 - 6pm
Online via zoom:

These socials are very informal, and its more of a chance to simply catch up with each other. Have a chat over a cuppa or a beverage. Aswell as generally having a natter we can also share some of our work if we feel up for it. Its always nice to see what we are all working on, or thinking about working on, or would like to work on. Its a no pressure event, so you can pop by for 10mins or the whole time, whatever suits you.
If you have any questions do let me know, drop me a message at

Bas-Art-Social is a monthly meet up with Index members and friends. It is an opportunity to meet fellow creatives, chat art, have a cuppa or a drink, and make friends along the way. The Socials tend to coincide on the same evenings with other local events happening, so after the socials we can attend and support other local creatives.

Due to COVID-19 we have been unable to conduct social events in person, which have also led to the creation of our monthly Bas-Film-Club, which you can check out here.  Bas-Arts-Socials will return when it is safe to do so.

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